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Bed Bug, motel in Mississippi (USA)
Bed Bug Bites

Image by TomSpinker
Bed Bug, sometimes written Bedbug
Cimex lectularius
Found in a motel in Mississippi.
Photo taken at 7:50pm on 8 Sept 2011.

Bed bug is less than a quarter inch in length..

Bed bugs are making a comeback in the USA. They are hard to eliminate if they get into a dwelling.

This was the first night of a two-week driving trip. I found this bed bug when I lay down in the bed early in the evening (I hadn’t retired for the night — I was just going to lie there for 30 minutes). I caught it in a plastic drinking cup and photographed it. I showed it to a motel maintenance person. He informed the motel owner via his cell phone. And I was given a different room. The next day I drove to another city and spent the night at another motel. The following morning I woke with many bites on my legs and feet. I assume that the bites took 24 hours to develop.

I think I took all the correct precautions to avoid transporting bed bugs to my car and to other motels.

The bug did not climb out of the plastic cup that I put it in. But when I tried to pour it from one cup to another it was able to cling tightly to the plastic. It might have been able to climb the plastic cup if it was really determined.

In the photo, the bug is in the bottom of the plastic cup (I cut the upper 3/4 of the cup off). The cup is on a wooden table.

Bed bugs feed on blood, usually from humans. They have difficulty climbing smooth surfaces.
They die at 122 degrees F.

This is the only bed bug I have ever seen.

Photo was taken with a Pentax K100d digital SLR, with 100mm Takumar macro lens and No.2 close-up lens (that screws-in like a filter) and a Sunpak Auto 322 flash.