Basic Bed Bug Facts

Bed Bugs are tiny insects – the adult is no more than a quarter of an inch in size – that live on the blood of animals and, most worryingly, humans. Although bed bugs don’t fly, they do retain the ability to travel very fast and is able to rapidly infest as a result.

Learn How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

The Bed Bug spread is worldwide, as these miniature bugs are believed to have traveled from their natural home in the Asian continent to the entire globe.

It is becoming somewhat common to see an infestation of Bed Bugs, but what is essential is that we recognise where they live, how to find them and how to get rid of bed bugs. The female Bed Bug will lay eggs every day and she can live for an extraordinary length of time – over a year – this results in a rapid explosion of the Bed Bug population.

The bed bug is in action at night – when we are sleeping – and the primary clue to an infestation is the presence of bed bug bites on the skin in the morning. The bed bug will feed during the night, and when it feeds on the blood it leaves behind indications of its existence.

Bed bug bites are the result of the bug piercing the skin and inserting a tube with which it sucks out the blood. The victim will rarely have known they are being bitten as they are normally asleep. After the bed bug bites, which may last as long as ten minutes, the bed bug leaves behind a red mark which might swell and will hurt continually. Bed bug bites result in irritation and discomfort to the individual.

The difficulty diagnosing a bed bug infestation is that the signs of bed bugs are very similar to many other skin conditions. Scabies leaves behind very similar indications to bed bug infestation, and some insect bites such as mosquito can also produce a similar tell tale mark.

Learn About Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bug bites will generally be seen on skin that we leave exposed while we sleep – the arms and legs, face and neck and it is to these areas we should be vigilant when looking for signals of the creatures.

Bed bug bites usually occur at night and the bed bug also likes to hide. Although the bed bug does not nest like a number of other insects, many will hide together in the crevasses of a mattress, the inside of covers and linings and other dark and secure places.

Bed bugs are frequently brought into the home by those who have been abroad and have maybe slept on a number of frequently used beds. A bed bug infestation is not necessarily a case of poor hygiene, however, as any number of hotels and guest houses have also been the source of cases.